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Sound Healing Sundays


Sound and Colour-keys to health, vitality and self knowledge

Nourishment for your Soul, stepping up into greater awareness

10am -5pm

At The Healing Room, Sudbrooke, Lincoln

Sunday 16th April 2023

Sunday 16th April 2023

Colour and Sound for Soul Harmony

Sound and Colour are core, foundational essentials of life, creating and holding our  form as a human body and fine-tuning our personality by their qualities to manifest as the unique human being we are today. Understanding their effects (of sound) and language (of colour) can enormously influence the quality of our life and open the possibilities of self expression and experience whilst here on our beautiful earth.

In this workshop we will explore:

The language and resonance of Colour.

How our colour choices can help us to align with our true nature and soul purpose.

A Colour/Crystal Bowls Bath

Sound and Colour as keys to self knowledge, to self nurture and to unfolding our potential. 

Finding our personal note and our true colours. 

Exploring how Sound can compliment our increasing awareness by strengthening our energetic blueprint. 

Using vocal toning to help release unhealthy frequencies from our subtle energy field (the aura) This is powerful and important practice because unhealthy energy frequencies act as blocks or "veils" to our inner light and to truly knowing who we are and to what would really support our wellbeing and spiritual growth.

Creating a personal freeform Mandala-a valuable tool of self-encouragement which can be seen as a reminder of who we are, our qualities, aspirations, areas ready to heal or to develop.

This workshop qualifies as one of the further workshops required by students of COSH Practitioner Courses to complete their training. 

A certificate of attendance is available on completion of the day.


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