Yoga Classes in Lincolnshire

Yoga Classes in Lincolnshire


Introducing tools and techniques to enhance our quality of life, to bring more vibrancy and aliveness to our body, more peace and calm to our mind, and to develop more positivity and lightness to our heart and soul. Working without pressure or competition, our body easefully becomes ever more supple and strong, we gain increasing levels of self-awareness in our body and mind and find ourselves more in harmony with our spirit ...more "comfortable in our own skin" and able to own who we truly are. This can be a wonderful journey!

We will be working mindfully in practising Hatha Yoga with an integral approach that honours the breath as carrier of our spirit, breath and movements working together... as well as learning the powerful breathing techniques of Pranayama that enable conscious guiding of the breath to carry the vital life force (known in Yoga as Prana) to enhance the quality of energy flow within our being for greater harmony and balance in health and conscouisness.

We may also incorporate the use of Vocal Tones and Visualisation, especially of colour...and work with Mantra, Meditation and Deep Relaxation. It is in the stillness of Deep Relaxation that true connection within and real integration of the beneficial effects of our practice can happen.

Yoga practised with this wholistic approach,  brings together a wonderful company of tools that can be utilized for self-healing and personal development.  Ultimately the goal of Yoga is to bring ourselves into total harmony within ourselves as well as with all life and others around us, to truly discover our Oneness with All...expressed in the Sanskrit language of Yoga as "Sat-Chit-Ananda" meaning Truth-Consciousness-Bliss.

At Online via Zoom

Thursday Evenings

7.30pm to 9.00 pm

Cost: £5 per online class

To connect for this online class you will need a device such as a laptop/Ipad/mobile phone with camera and speaker to connect with Zoom-usually, if you can stream YouTube, you will be able to receive Zoom.

Please contact Blu if you wish to join. After booking, you will be sent the link for Zoom each week.

You will also need a suitable space to practice where you won't be interrupted for the duration of the class(both for your own focus as well as to respect other participants) 

Tuition also available for.....

  • One-to-One personal class
  • Private Groups in your own space
  • Workshops: Yoga and Sound / Yoga and Colour

Please contact Blu to discuss possibilities, to reserve your place, or if you need any further information.

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