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Sound Healing Sundays


Sound Bath / Vocal Toning / Sound Healing Workshop

Learning life skills for health, harmony and raising consciousness.


At Canwick Village Hall, near Lincoln, LN4 2RW

Upcoming dates in 2024: June 2nd, July 7th, September 8th, October 13th, November 3rd, December 1st

A warm welcome awaits you when you join in creating and experiencing a truly healing space within our circle.

... here, we begin by working together as a group; you will be guided in how to use the voice with loving, focussed intention, to nourish and support total well being, on every level- body, mind, emotions, heart and soul.

These are wonderful life-skills and will be your takeaway gifts for you to use for your ongoing well being!

Just some of the ways in which you will find you can utilize the amazing power of healing within your own voice are to...

  •                                  cleanse unhelpful energies from the Aura
  •                                                            ease pain
  •                                calm and ease the mind for mental wellbeing
  •                                               release tension from body
  •                                                   balance the Chakras
  •          - which supports the balance of hormones through the endocrine system
  •                        explore where different vocal tones resonate in the body
  •                                           strengthen the immune system
  •                               enhance the power of affirmations when sung
  •                                          experience the power of Mantra
  •                                          lead more easily into Meditation
  •                                                     uplift your spirit
  •                      open the heart to greater compassion, for self and others
  •                                     awaken greater levels of consciousness

The Sound Bath
Time to lay down or settle comfortably in your chair if you prefer, for a relaxing Sound Bath...
prepare for a wonderful immersion in the healing sounds and uplifting vibrations of crystal bowls, chinese wind gong, koshi chimes, tibetan singing bowls and more...
to subletly massage your whole body...

opening the way for your mind and spirit to simply "be", whilst absorbing from the created soundscape the energies to nourish and support wellbeing for mental and emotional health...

journeying ...exploring your "inner landscape"

perhaps opening into deeper levels of consciousness

*Setting an intention for your journey beforehand can help bring clarity to particular issues or questions you may be dealing with in your life*

There are many benefits and outcomes possible from gifting yourself this experience, truly unique to each person, depending on your needs at the time.

Do remember to bring a blanket as well as a mat suitable to lay down on and a cushion for your comfort.

Please also bring water to drink to make sure you stay hydrated


Please contact Blu to book your place or for more information.

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