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Sound Healing Sundays


Health, vitality and self knowledge through the sacred keys of Sound and Light as Colour

Nurturing, Healing and Fine-Tuning body, mind, spirit and soul at Chambers Farm Woods

10am -5pm

At Chambers Farm Wood Visitor Centre, Lincolnshire, LN8 5JR

Saturday 22nd June & Sunday 23rd June 2019

Saturday 22nd June 2019

An Introduction to Sound and Colour -

The relevence of Sound and Colour to ourselves as Human (Hue-man) beings

Topics we aim to cover:

Colour as frequencies of Light. 

Colour in Nature and how it impacts our personal nature through our biological rythyms and physical well being.

The use of Colour through history up to today

How to balance the chakras with colour and with sound. 

Subtle energy care with colour and sound.

Finding our colour affinity..wrapping the colour (silken cloth) around and tuning in to it's effect through dance, music and deep relaxation.

How to bring the nurture of colour to enhancing wellbeing in our body and into our home environment (eg as in the ancient art of Feng Shui)

The complimentary nature of Sound with Sound stimulates and creates light.

The voice as our most perfectly designed sound healing instrument. 

 A Colour & Sound Bath

Colour and Sound for cleansing, harmonising, revitalising and uplifting our spirit.

Sunday 23rd June 2019

- Going Deeper-

Continues from Saturday's introductory day & for those already familiar with how sound and colour are fundamental to our basic make up as human beings.

Topics we aim to cover:

The language of Colour.

Sound and colour as keys to self knowledge, self nurture and to unfolding our potential. 

Finding our personal note and true colours. 

How our colour choices can show us the way to finding our true path, to what lifts our heart and to finding greater fulfillment in life.

Exploring how Sound can compliment our increasing awareness by strengthening our energetic blueprint. 

Using vocal toning to help release unhealthy frequencies from our subtle energy field (the aura) Unhealthy energy frequencies act as blocks or "veils" to our inner light and to truly knowing who we are. 

Creating a personal freeform Mandala-could be seen as a map and reminder of who we are, our qualities, aspirations, areas ready to heal or to develop.

Both days qualify as further workshops as required by COSH Practitioners to complete their training. 

A CPD certificate is also available on completion of each day.

£90 / or £50 per day

Please contact Blu to book your place or for more information.

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